Baby Face Feature

My girlfriend was having her baby shower and I offered to make some cupcakes. I was thinking premixed purchased batter and chocolate ganache frosting…easy. Then she started sending me emails of these baby face cupcakes she had found on the internet with; “wouldn’t it be cool if you could make these” and “how cute do these look.” The pressure was […]

Cupcake Flower Bouquet Feature

I wanted to share with you this cupcake flower bouquet tutorial. This would make a perfect gift for any mother with a sweet tooth for Mother’s Day and chance to show off your baking skills too! I thought that this would also be great as a table centrepiece at a party, or even a wedding, as it can double as […]

Nike Shoe Cake Feature

It was my friend’s 30th birthday and to surprise him I thought would make him a retro Nike Air Jordan basketball shoe cake. He is a big fan of basketball – plays it, watches it and also has a keen interest in collecting Air Jordans. I have to say this cake has been my hardest cake that I have made […]

Panda cupcakes feature

  In this decorating tutorial, I will show you how to make this cute panda face cupcake.  To start, you will need the following items: – Circle cutter (big enough to cover cupcake) – Black and white coloured fondant – Ganached cupcake – Sugar glue and brush – Thick straw – Knife – Rolling pin – Balling tool     […]

Chicken Cupcake Feature

  In this tutorial, I will show you how to make this cute little chicken cupcake using fondant.  To get started you will need the following: – White, red, black and orange coloured fondant – Cupcake that has been ganached – Plastic knife – Sugar glue – Brush – Crinkle cutter – Circle cutter – Balling tool – Roller   […]

Easter Bunny Feature

In this tutorial I will show you how to make this cute Easter bunny cupcake using fondant. To start off, you will need the following: – white, pink and black coloured fondant – rolling pin – balling tool – brushes – edible pink glitter – circle cutters – sugar glue – cupcake with frosting on it     Decorating Method: […]

Peppa The Pig Cake Feature

My sister organised a family birthday party for my little niece who was turning 3. I wanted to make her a special little novelty Peppa the Pig cake, as her mum already organised a lot of desserts for after dinner. If you have ever been lucky enough to attend one of my extended family “get-togethers” you would describe it as […]

Lightning McQueen Cake Feature

My nephew is a huge fan of Disney’s Cars – he will never go anywhere without a Mater or Lightning McQueen toy in his hands. His 2nd birthday was fast approaching and I decided that I would make him a 3D Lightning Mc Queen cake. This gave me a chance to work on my cake carving skills. This was quite a […]

Wedding Cake Feature

I recently caught up with a girlfriend who I had known since high school. She called me to save the date for her wedding. I was so excited for her! She had been with her partner for a very long time and they were finally making it official! She said that she had been following my facebook page and blog […]

Wakeboarding Themed Cake Feature

I had a special request from a lady to make a wakeboarding themed cake for a 30th birthday. I was given pictures of the birthday boy as well as his prized speed boat and was asked to make a figurine of him wakeboarding behind his beloved boat. I handmade the figurine and the boat using gum paste and placed them onto […]


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