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My girlfriend was having her baby shower and I offered to make some cupcakes. I was thinking premixed purchased batter and chocolate ganache frosting…easy. Then she started sending me emails of these baby face cupcakes she had found on the internet with; “wouldn’t it be cool if you could make these” and “how cute do these look.”decorating tutorials

The pressure was on…I didn’t want to be the one to disappoint the pregnant lady. Multiple google searches I thought I would give it a go. I found a cake decorator supply business (a short 45minute drive from my house) and picked up the basics, decorating tools, ready to roll fondant and gel colouring. I picked up some cookie cutters from my local shops and some writing icing from Woolies. The rest of the other stuff I had already in the kitchen. So the adventure begins…

Baking the Cupcakes

1. Bake some chocolate cupcakes using the Double Chocolate Cupcake Recipe. I lined the cupcake tray with the larger (muffin) sized patty pans and filled them ¾ with the batter.

decorating tutorials

2. Even though the recipe says to bake for 30mins I tend to pull them out at 20mins put a skewer though them and if it comes out fairly clean then I take them out (I have a very crappy oven that isn’t fan forced). I prefer them to be slightly undercooked and moist rather than over cooked and dry and they still continue to cook a bit when you take them out to cool. Place them on a rack to cool.

decorating tutorials

3. Make some chocolate ganache using the Chocolate Ganache Recipe.

4. At this stage if your cupcakes are different sizes you can trim the tops so that they are fairly even and flat. I prefer to have a slightly rounded top to make curved faces.

5. Ganache the cupcakes and then allow to set hard in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. If you don’t have a flat surface you can dip your spreading knife in hot water wipe dry and go over the ganache.

decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials


Decorating the Cupcakes

These are the tools I used for this project:

decorating tutorials

– Rolling pin
– Corn flour
– Fondant icing
– Wilton gel colour (black, pink, blue, nude)
– Basic decorating tools
– Cookie cutter
– Scrapper
– Pairing knife/small sharp knife
– Small paint brush
– Edible rose dust
– Black gel writing icing
– Skewers/toothpicks
– Chopping board
– Syrup (diluted jam in hot water)



1. Start with colouring the icing. Sprinkle some cornflour on the surface of your chopping board and cut enough fondant was you think you will need. Knead the fondant. Once it has become of a playdoh consistency flatten the fondant. Using a toothpick add small smears of gel to the fondant (a little goes a long way- so slowly build up your colour). Knead the colour evenly into your fondant. Once you have obtained your desired colour wrap your coloured fondant in cling wrap until use.  You will need a skin toned colour for the faces and any other colour eg. pink, blue, green for the hats and dummies. If you have a specific theme for your party you can use those.

decorating tutorials

2. Roll out the skin toned fondant on a floured surface to about 3mm. Choose a circle cookie cutter size slightly larger than the cupcake and cut them.

3. Smooth the circle onto your cupcake and pat down the edges. Trim the fondant if there is over hang, if necessary.

4. Using the same size cutter cut circles from your rolled out coloured icing. To make the hats cut the circle in half and using a small knife, cut a curved crescent from the base of the hat. Use a small amount of syrup and use this to paste on the back of the hat to stick onto the face.

decorating tutorials

5. Use the frilling tool to make some patterns on the hat to make it look like it’s a folded knitted hat.

decorating tutorials

6. Add noses to the cupcakes by rolling small ball of the skin toned coloured fondant. Use the syrup to add these on.

7. To make the dummies, roll a small ball of  blue coloured fondant and flatten it out to make the base of the dummies. Then using pink coloured fondant,  roll a small ball for the top. Use a small amount of syrup to attach it on.

decorating tutorials

8. Assemble the dummy where the mouth would be using the syrup.

decorating tutorials

9. Mark in the eyes using the ball tipped tool.

decorating tutorials

10. Fill in the eyes using black writing icing.

decorating tutorials

Now you can stop here or go on with the following optional steps.

11. To add some rosy cheeks to the cupcakes, brush some on using petal dust.

12. To add ears, roll some more skin coloured fondant icing into small balls and place them on with syrup. Using the ball tipped tool, place an indent on them. I have to say they look more alive and cute when you add the ears! Don’t you think?

decorating tutorials


And there you have it.. cute and adorable baby face cupcakes!!

I received some awesome compliments from everyone at the shower and have even been asked if I would take orders to make them.

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