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My nephew loves Sesame Street. I wanted to have a go at making some Sesame Street characters in preparation for his birthday, so here is one of the characters that I had a go at making…Cookie Monster! I think he is the easiest to make out of all the characters to make. You can find a couple more characters in my other blog entries. Enjoy!

Please refer to my cupcake recipe page for detailed baking and ganaching steps and recipes.

decorating tutorials

What you will need:

– 12 cupcakes with  chocolate ganache icing
– Wilton gel colour (blue)
– Black gel writing icing
– Skewers/toothpicks
– White chocolate drops
– Buttercream icing
– Wilton Grass piping tip #133 or 233
– Tip coupler (optional)
– Disposable piping bag
– Mini chocolate chip cookie

Cupake Decorating Method:

1. To make the butter cream icing, soften 100g of butter and beat until soft and fluffy. Gradually add 200g of icing sugar and beat until a thickened cream-like consistency. Add a small amount of blue gel and mix well. Continue adding small amounts of blue gel until you are happy with the colour.

decorating tutorials

2. Spoon the mixture into a piping bag with your grass tip attached. Twist the top of the bag to squeeze the icing to the tip.

3. Make a small cut in your cupcake where Cookie Monster’s mouth will be positioned and insert a mini choc chip cookie so that it is half sticking out. You can view the following video to see how I did it.



4. To create Cookie Monster’s fur, use your grass tip and start piping from the outside working inwards following the curve of the cupcake. Overlap your previously row of piped icing when you are doing this. The idea is not to keep it too perfect as you want the texture of a furry monster.  You can view the following video to see how I did this bit.


decorating tutorials

5. To make Cookie Monster’s eyes get two white chocolate drops and draw in eyeballs with some black gel writing icing. I found that by making the eyes look googly – by having one eyeball up and the other down, it looked better.  Normally positioned eyeballs looked a little weird for some odd reason?? You can view the following video to see what I did here.


Now make sure you keep these Cookie Monster cupcakes refrigerated though, as butter cream doesn’t do very well in the heat. As you can see, these are really simple and quick to make once you have all the components ready and they look quite impressive too! A sure way to impress the little kids, oh and the little kids at heart!

decorating tutorials

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