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I love dogs, so when a client requested dog cupcakes I was so excited! I have 2 dogs, Ninja and Tiny (who also love to eat cupcakes). This was the first time I had made dog cupcakes so to start, I drew some designs in my drawing book, which always helps when planning new designs.

Please refer to my cupcake recipe section for detailed baking and ganaching steps and recipes.

For this design, I used:

– Pre-coloured black fondant
– White fondant
– Red fondant
– Circle cutters
– Brushes
– Syrup
– Rose dust
– Black writing gel
– Decorating tools

Decorating Method:

1. Ganache the cupcake and allow it to set in the fridge

2. Hot knife the surface to make it smooth.

3. Roll out the white fondant to  about 3mm in thickness.

4. Use a circle cutter the same size as the cupcake surface and cut out a circle.

5. Paste it onto the cupcake using syrup and ensure that it’s smooth.

decorating tutorials

6. Roll the black fondant to about 3mm and cut a out a small circle using a smaller circle cutter. Cut this circle in half and attach these as ears to the cupcake using syrup.

decorating tutorials

7. Knead a small amount of black fondant and white fondant together to make the colour grey.

8. Roll out the grey colour thinly then cut a small circle to create the eye patch and attach it with syrup.

decorating tutorials

9. Roll a small oval ball with black fondant and attach as the nose with syrup.

decorating tutorials

10. Using a small brush, create rosy cheeks with the rose petal dust.

decorating tutorials

11. Using the balling tool indent 2 eyes and fill with the black writing gel.

decorating tutorials


decorating tutorials


12. Use the decorating tool to make the mouth indentations.

Now you can stop here or you can do what I did in the top picture and add in a tongue by rolling a small ball of red fondant into a tongue shape and attaching it using syrup.

And there you have it.. A DOG CUPCAKE! So cute hey? Almost too cute to eat! decorating tutorials

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