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Well it was my sister’s birthday and as a bit of a joke, as she’s a big fan of takeout food – particularly one that has a couple of golden arches, I decided to make a hamburger cake using fondant.  I have to admit I cheated a bit since I didn’t have enough time to bake and purchased 2 chocolate mud cakes from Woolworths, which also happened to be a great burger bun shape.  I love their mud cakes, so at least I knew that it would taste nice and it’s pre-iced. I also used a product called ‘The Mat’decorating tutorials which makes covering cakes with fondant really easy. So despite being a cake covering virgin I think it turned out pretty cool.

What you will need:

– Rolling pin
– Corn flour
– Fondant icing
– Wilton gel colour (nude, green, red and yellow)
– Basic decorating tools
– Cookie cutter
– Fondant Smootherdecorating tutorials
– Pairing knife/small sharp knife
– Skewers/toothpicks
– Chopping board
– Syrup (diluted jam in hot water)
– Ganache
– The Mat (optional)
– 2 cakes ganached (make sure the surfaces are smooth) mine were 7’
– 8’ cake board

Decorating method:

1. Start with cutting 1cm of the base of one of the cakes. Put this aside as the “meat patty”.

decorating tutorials

2. Colour batches of fondant icing as follows: red for tomatoes, green for lettuce, yellow for cheese, nude for buns, and lighter nude for sesame seeds. To do this, sprinkle some cornflour on the surface of your chopping board and cut enough white fondant that you think you will need. Knead the fondant until it has become of a playdoh consistency then flatten it out by hand. Using a toothpick, add small smears of gel to the fondant and knead the colour evenly into it. Remember, a little goes a long way, so slowly build up your colour! Once you have obtained your desired coloured fondant, wrap it up in cling wrap until use other wise it will dry out.

3. I used ‘The Mat’decorating tutorials  to roll out a piece of fondant to cover the top bun. Smooth the icing starting from the centre, working your way out towards the edges using the fondant smootherdecorating tutorials , then trim the excess fondant around the base using a small knife or pizza cutter.

4. Use the left over icing to cover the edges of the burger bun base.

5. Ganache the top of the base and place the ‘meat patty’ on top. Ganache the top of this also.

decorating tutorials decorating tutorials

6. Roll out the yellow icing to 3mm thick. Cut a large square and cut into it 4 triangles.

decorating tutorials

7. Arrange the triangles onto the cake to resemble cheese.

decorating tutorials

8. Roll the green icing to 3mm thick and cut into 2, roughly 2.5cm by 10cm strips. To create the look of lettuce pieces, pinch folds in the icing to create ripples. Use a small amount of ganache to attach them around the edges.

decorating tutorials

9. To make the tomato pieces, roll out the red icing to 3mm thick and use a circle cutter to make circles then, cut these in half. If you want, you can use the frilling tool to draw patterns to resemble a real tomato piece like I kinda have. Arrange the tomatoes around the edges and paste on with some ganache.

decorating tutorials

10. Place the top bun on the cake. Looking tempting now! decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials

11. To finish off the hamburger cake, use the lighter shade of the nude fondant to make some sesame seeds and paste them on “the bun” using syrup.

decorating tutorials

MMM mighty delicious hey? Well there you have it a hamburger that you can eat without the fat but with lots of sugar – which probably isn’t any better anyway :D. So maybe next time when your friend has a birthday party and you want to impress them, have a go at making this awesome hamburger cake!

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