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I was really excited when I got a request for a Hootabelle cake. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Giggle and Hoot, it’s an Australian children’s show with the host Jimmy Giggle and his best friend Hoot, the owl. Hootabelle is their female owl friend. It’s a cute show and my niece and nephews love it! I was provided with a picture of a cake, as the client requested a Hootabelle topper sitting on top of a pillow cake.

For the topper I wanted to try a new technique which I had read about on various cake forums. I wanted to make the cake topper edible by making my own Rice Krispy Treats.


Rice Krispy Treats Recipe:

– 5 cups of rice bubbles
– 250g mashmellows
– 2 tbs butter

I microwaved the butter and marshmallows and once completely melted, mixed it into my rice bubbles. This created a wonderfully sticky mess. To shape the Krispy Treats into Hootabelle’s head and body, I placed the mixture into some cling film to form a ball. I sealed the cling film and let it set in the freezer to harden. Once hardened I removed the cling film and continued to shape the Krispy Treats, then allowed it to set in the freezer again. I covered the Krispy Treat balls with white chocolate ganache and allowed them to set. I then used a small cheese grater to sand the surface to make it smooth.

decorating tutorials


Decorating Hootabelle:

I covered the head a body in fondant and using a picture of Hootabelle I had found on the internet, I created my templates for the eyes and beak and cut these out of fondant. I attached all these to the face using some sugar glue. I made the wings using a heart shaped cutter and allowed them to harden overnight before attaching them to the topper. Once finished the topper was a lot larger and heavier than I had anticipated, needless to stay I added extra support to the cake!

decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials

This was also my first attempt at making a pillow cake. I carved a square cake to resemble a pillow, ganached it, then covered it in fondant. Here’s a link to a great tutorial on how to make a pillow cake if you are interested I used a diamond cutter to resemble a quilted pattern and I hand made all the tiny roses on the cake.

decorating tutorials

For the cupcakes I made cute little Hootabelle toppers out of fondant and also decorated the cupcakes with a buttercream simple swirl.

decorating tutorials

I was really pleased with how the cake turned out. Please check out my facebook page as the client was kind enough to share a picture of the fantastic lolly buffet table from the party, featuring the Hootabelle cupcake tower.


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