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This bear cake topper was my first attempt at 3D modeling using fondant and I was really pleased with the result! I made this cake for Valentines day and luckily I finished the cake just in time before my husband returned from work that day. He couldn’t bring himself to eat the cake tough because he did not want to ruin it.

Many of you have been asking how I made the bear cake topper and so I have decided to write up this tutorial. My bear cake topper was inspired by one made by a popular youtube video by Astral del la Mare. I used fondant to make the topper however I found that it does take a long time to dry. In future I will try and use either gum paste or add tylose powder to the fondant to make it dry and harden faster. The cake it self is only 3”, so slightly bigger than an your average cupcake and the topper was about 7cm,  so perfect as a shared dessert.


To Make the Bear Cake Topper:

1. Colour your fondant light brown and a small portion ivory using Wilton’s gel colouring. I also used pre-coloured black and red fondant.

2. Divide the brown icing into 6 portions rolled into balls;

– 1 large portion for the body,

– 1 medium portion for the head

– 4 equal portions for the arms and legs.

– Set a small amount aside also for the ears

3. Place the body of the bear rolled into a slightly oval shape onto your cake board and insert a toothpick in the top for support

4.Insert the head onto the top of the body

5. Roll a small amount of ivory icing into a ball and flatten and attach to the face as a muzzle (I used syrup to attach, however you may need to use glue made from gum paste powder if making a larger bear, mine was only 7cm in height)

6. For the arms, roll the balls into a sausage shape and make it into a hook-like shape and flattened one end. Use a shape craft knife to cut the fingers

7. For the legs, firstly roll them into sausages and flattened one end and use a sharp knife to cut the toes. Flatten2 small ivory balls and attached them to the paws

8. Roll out some red fondant and use a cookie cutter to cut the heart shape. Brush the heart lightly in syrup and paint on some edible glitter

9. Attached the heart to the bear’s body using syrup

10. Attached the arms and legs to the body using syrup

11. Use your decorating tools to draw a mouth (I used the edge of a small circle cutter)

12. Use the balling tool to indent some eyes and ears

13. For the ears, roll 2 small balls and flattened them slightly and make it into a tear drop shape. Insert the pointed end into the ear indents and attach with syrup

14. Attached 2 small flattened ivory balls on the ears

15. Roll 2 small balls of black fondant for the eyes and insert them into the indents

16. Roll a larger black ball for the nose and attached with syrup

17. Using a small brush, add some cheeks by brushing on some rose coloured petal dust


decorating tutorials


I baked my chocolate mud cake in a 3’ ramekin pot. I sprayed it with some cooking oil and lined the base with baking paper. After baking, I allowed the cake to cool before removing and it tipped out perfectly! Hooray! I iced the cake with chocolate ganache on a cake board and allowed it to set in the fridge for just over an hour. After setting, I hot knifed the ganache layer (dip a butter knife or spatula in hot water and smooth out the ganache layer) this makes a huge difference when covering a cake. I rolled out some white fondant and use “The Mat” to cover my cake. Using my hands and a cake smoother I smoothed the icing onto the cake and cut off the excess icing. I wrapped some red ribbon around the cake and attached with double sided tape. I place my Valentine’s Bear topper on top and hand cut some small hearts out of red fondant and pasted them to the cake.

I’m looking forward to my next 3D modeling project. I just have to decide what it’s going to be first! J If you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you. Post a comment below or join my Facebook page and write or add some inspirational pictures on my wall!

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