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My sister organised a family birthday party for my little niece who was turning 3. I wanted to make her a special little novelty Peppa the Pig cake, as her mum already organised a lot of desserts for after dinner. If you have ever been lucky enough to attend one of my extended family “get-togethers” you would describe it as an “all-you can eat” style buffet of Asian-western fusion delicacies.  Guaranteed to leave you in a food coma and give you a “food baby.” As usual I come up with these fantastic cake ideas and don’t leave myself enough time to pull it off. Lucky for me this cake was super easy and quick to make! It only took me 2 nights to make, one night for baking and prepping and half an hour before the party to put it all together.

I had wanted to make a “Pigs in Mud” cake for a while, partly because I am a chocoholic. I am sure you have seen many “Pigs in Mud” cake pictures on the internet, they always give me a bit of a giggle. My niece loves Peppa the Pig, so it was the perfect opportunity to try make a “Pigs in Mud” cake. Peppa the Pig is a British cartoon based on the life of a lovable, cheeky little piggy, Peppa, who lives with her brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. It’s very cute! I came up with the idea of a “Peppa Pig and Family in Mud” cake twist.

The night before my niece’s party I baked an 8’ round chocolate cake and sculpted the figurines of Peppa, George (his bottom only) and Mummy and Daddy pigs using gum paste and allowed them to dry overnight. I used edible pens to drawn on extra details. I used gum paste because I wanted the figurines to harden overnight. You can use regular fondant with added tylose powder or just fondant (just allow ample drying time) or even a 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste. Gum paste also gives extra elasticity which makes modelling figurines a little easier, however it is more expensive than regular ready-to-roll fondant. I do want to try someday making figurines with modelling chocolate. I have heard great things about it and that it tastes fantastic. I’ve also found a recipe for making your own modelling chocolate, so once I get around to testing it out I will definitely share the recipe with you all.

Half an hour before the party I made some chocolate ganache and covered the cake, the messier, the better (I told myself I was going for the rustic look). I used chocolate finger biscuits and placed them around the cake and tied a ribbon around it to hold it in place while the ganache set. I poured a little extra ganache on the top of the cake and made small ripples, so it would resemble splashing of mud. I carefully arranged my Peppa Pig and Family figurines on the top and… voila instant cake, super-fast and easy to throw together!

decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials

There are so many possible variations for this kind of cake. It would make a fantastic special occasion cake with the wow factor, but not the time-factor. I would love to try to make a chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate hazelnut mousse and ganache, surrounded by kit-kat fingers topped with chocolate dipped strawberries…oh yummo! I would love to hear some of your suggestions. Happy baking xoxo

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