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This past week has been extremely busy for me, with 2 cakes to prepare for 2 special little boys. For the first cake, my cousin requested a zoo themed cake for her baby’s 1st birthday party. She gave me free design range which was fantastic because designing cakes is my favourite part of the process. I love being able to create concepts and draw designs and watch them come to life as I create them one at a time. When I was young my parents gave me the choice of learning to play the piano or going to art school. I chose art school and attended for several years from the age of 8. I learnt different techniques from sketching, oil and water painting, but what I loved was drawing comic book characters and dreamed of one day working at Marvel Comics. Unfortunately life got in the way of those childhood dreams and they were soon forgotten and replaced with dreams of curing medical conditions and diseases. Instead I chose to pursue a PhD in Science.  I think creating and designing cakes gives me a creative outlet and at this time in my life I find myself remembering some of those art lessons I took, which now seems like a lifetime ago.

My facebook and twitter followers would have seen the gumpaste animal figurines I had been working on in the weeks leading up to his birthday – a lion, giraffe and elephant. The great thing about making gumpaste figurines is that they can be made well in advance and they keep their colour if stored in a cardboard box and kept well away from sunlight. It had been a fairly tiring week, working as a medical scientist by day and cake decorating into the wee hours of the night, so pre-making the figurines was a great help. For those of you who are wondering how I made the toppers, I used a similar concept when I made my bear cake topper earlier in the year.  Please refer to my tutorial “How to make a bear cake topper”. The cake I made consisted of a 10’ caramel mud cake base and 6’ chocolate mud top tier, covered in chocolate ganache and blue coloured fondant. The green leaves were cut using some plungers purchased from my local cake supplier. I also cut 4 yellow fondant stars using some star cutters I had of which I placed my cousins son’s name in.

decorating tutorials decorating tutorials decorating tutorials

I was really pleased with how the cake came together, considering I had 2 cakes to decorate in a night! I will post a blog entry for my nephew’s cake when I have time (hopefully next week, I’m still trying to catch up on sleep from the weekend!).

Happy Baking xoxo

decorating tutorials

decorating tutorials



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  • So Cute and creative!

  • Thanks. I’m glad you like it!

  • Thank you so much for sharing! Love everything!

  • could you please tell me the 2 colours for the lion. thank you’

  • Hi Sylvia, I used Wilton’s icing gel colours yellow for the body and orange for the mane. You will need to experiment with the amounts of gel used to get the colours I used. Please view my lion tutorial for more information http://www.cutecupcakeideas.net/decorating-tutorials/how-to-make-a-lion-topper-part-1

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