Teeth Monster Cupcakes Feature

I have a collection of Halloween cupcakes that I made last year for my friend’s Halloween themed birthday, some of which are posted on my photo gallery on my blog. I was contacted by one of my Youtube subscribers (KissHope) requesting a tutorial on how to make my Teeth Monster Cupcakes, so here it is- sorry there aren’t many photos […]

My Baking Adventures

I have been quite busy these past several weeks and I have finally found the time to update you on some of the projects I’ve been working on.  A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday, unfortunately there was no cake involved. My wonderful husband did however surprise me with my first digital SLR camera which has been awesome to take photos […]

Cupcake Swirl Feature

This week I thought I would share with you how I pipe butter cream swirls on my cupcakes. Its actually pretty easy to do after a bit of practice. To do this, you will need a piping bag, 1M star tip and buttercream of your choice. I like to use the Wilton’s buttercream recipe. If your not familiar with how […]

Cars Cupcake Tower Feature

For those of you who are interested in how I made this cars cupcake tower I’ve created this mini tutorial. There are some steps that are missing, but hopefully I can talk you through it. It was just that I was really tired after working a full day, so I was pretty lazy with the photo taking. I baked a […]

Blog Feature

This week I got to work on my friend’s son’s birthday cake. She requested a Disney Car’s theme. I had just a little under a week’s notice to work on the cake. I must have worked my self up so much with anticipation and excitement over the cake that I broke out in rashes all over my body. It’s never […]

Mixer Feature

This week has been pretty crazy. I just started a new position at work after enjoying 2 weeks of annual leave. It has gone by so fast and not one single day I actually got to relax and chill with my doggies at home. I don’t intentionally try and squeeze in some many things into one day, it just kind […]

Minnie Mouse Feature

I promised my sister that I would make my niece’s birthday cake for her Minnie mouse themed 2nd birthday party. I have never attempted a 2 tiered cake before and I was very apprehensive about starting it. The cake consisted of and 8’ base and a 6’ top tier both chocolate mud of course! I got to use my new cake pans […]

Mixer Feature

I’ve been on the hunt to find a quality mixer for $300-$500 AUD. The mixer (like any good man) needs to be strong, reliable, and durable and not let me down at the slightest sign of trouble. It will need to be able to deal with use on a weekly basis. To be really picky, I would prefer a bowl […]

Dog Cupcake Feature

I love dogs, so when a client requested dog cupcakes I was so excited! I have 2 dogs, Ninja and Tiny (who also love to eat cupcakes). This was the first time I had made dog cupcakes so to start, I drew some designs in my drawing book, which always helps when planning new designs. Please refer to my cupcake […]

Sesame Street Feature

It’s mad March here in Adelaide and the city is buzzing with the Fringe Festival, Womadelaide and the Clipsal 500. It’s the only time of year really when there is actually something to do in Adelaide! March is also a busy time for birthdays in my family! (I will keep you posted on these baking events) as well as for […]


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