Featured Piping Bag

Assembling a piping bag for the first time can be a tricky process especially if you haven’t been taught how to do it. I know from first hand experience but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just follow these simple steps or watch the following video. Steps: 1. Cut the tip off the piping […]

Big Bird Cupcakes Feature

Ok I found the Big Bird cupakes the most difficult to make out of the 3 Sesame Street characters I chose. It’s not technically hard, it just had a lot of moulding involved, which at 11pm at night that was the last thing I wanted to do. They did turn out ok though. Please refer to my cupcake recipes page […]

Featured Rose

One of the easiest methods that can be used to make a rose out of icing fondant is with a mold. Not only is it simple but it can save you a lot of time and money especially if you wish decorate a number of cupcakes with roses. To use a mold simply press the desired coloured fondue into the […]

Welcome to Cutecupakeideas

Hi! My name is Leewen. Welcome to Cute Cupcake Ideas! About Me I love food. I love to eat. I love to cook…doing the dishes, not so much- that’s what the dishwasher’s for (aka my husband).  My interest in cupcake decorating started earlier this year when I offered to make cupcakes for my girlfriends baby shower. My idea of baking […]

Cookie Monster Feature

My nephew loves Sesame Street. I wanted to have a go at making some Sesame Street characters in preparation for his birthday, so here is one of the characters that I had a go at making…Cookie Monster! I think he is the easiest to make out of all the characters to make. You can find a couple more characters in […]


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