Cupcake Flower Bouquet


I wanted to share with you this cupcake flower bouquet tutorial. This would make a perfect gift for any mother with a sweet tooth for Mother’s Day and chance to show off your baking skills too! I thought that this would also be great as a table centrepiece at a party, or even a wedding, as it can double as a centrepiece and dessert. I made this for my cousins 21st birthday. It consisted of 30 cupcakes (white choc and mud choc) with white chocolate buttercream frosting. They must have liked it because I was left with a foam ball at the end of the night. My cousin told me she ate 6 cupcakes that night. I couldn’t believe it, and she’s still so skinny…jealous much? She has also volunteered to be my cupcake taste tester.

You will need to purchase a foam ball which can be picked up from any craft or haberdashery store. The one I used was 20cm in diameter. You will also need a base for the ball, either a pot or a nice gift box. Be wary that the cupcakes will be heavy, so if you are using a gift box as your base make sure to place something inside as a weight, otherwise it may topple over. I chose a 23cm glazed pot for my base. This was quite difficult to transport, so you may need to either bring all the cupcakes with you and assemble it on site, or bring extra cupcakes. I learnt this the hard way and I had a couple of casualties on the way to the party.


What you will need:

– 3 cups of buttercream frosting
– 30 cupcakes
– Toothpicks
– 20cm foam ball
– Glazed pot
– Pink gel colouring
– 1M piping tip
– Piping bag
– Fabric leaves on wire (optional)
– Ribbon (optional)


Decorating Method:

1. Place the foam ball in the pot.


2. Arrange the cupcakes around the foam ball, starting with the first row along the rim of the pot.  Secure each cupcake by inserting 2 toothpicks per cupcake in the foam ball. Insert the toothpicks at 45O facing upwards, so the cupcakes don’t slide off (I learnt this the hard way!).



3. Repeat rows leaving little space between cupcakes.



4. Colour the butter cream using a small amount of pink gel colouring and mix well.

5. Assemble the piping bag and fill ¾ with buttercream. If you need help with this please see my “how to assemble a piping bag tutorial”.

6. Pipe a basic rose swirl on alternate cupcakes. Please see my “how to pipe a rose tutorial”.

7. Repeat this with the white icing on the remaining cupcakes. I found that the piping angles for some of the cupcakes difficult, particularly the bottom row, so you may need to remove them from the foam ball to pipe, then carefully reassemble.

8. Insert some of the wire leaves in the gaps between the cupcakes.

9. Finish with a ribbon bow around the pot.



I hope you liked this tutorial and have a chance to make it for someone special.

Happy Baking!



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