Disney Pixar Cars Cupcake Tower


For those of you who are interested in how I made this cars cupcake tower I’ve created this mini tutorial. There are some steps that are missing, but hopefully I can talk you through it. It was just that I was really tired after working a full day, so I was pretty lazy with the photo taking.

I baked a 8’ and 6’ cake, allowed it to cool, then covered them with chocolate ganache and allowed to set overnight.

I created templates for the name plaque and traced it onto cardboard and cut it out. For the plaque, I added a little tylose CMC powder to the grey and red colour fondant I used so that it would harden. For the name Damian, I rolled some grey fondant into skinny sausages in my hands and curled them into the lettering to spell it out and then dusted it and the plaque using edible silver dust. Lastly, I glued all the pieces of the plaque together and allowed it to set overnight.

tutorials tutorials tutorials


After smoothing the ganache layer of the cake, I covered the top layer with red fondant and the bottom layer with white fondant and allowed it to set before inserting the cake support and staking.



I made a flame template and cut that from yellow and red fondant and pasted these to the top layer of the cake. I also dusted the yellow flames with gold dust.



To make a checkered look, I cut out small squares of black fondant and glued them to the bottom layer of the cake, then added the name plaque. The cake was topped with a Lighting McQueen toy. I would have liked to make a cake topper, but I ran out of time on this project.


The cupcakes were decorated with a basic buttercream swirl, multi-coloured choc-chip bits and topped off with some cars cupcake rings or flags of which I sourced from an online party supply store.

tutorials tutorials tutorials


I was pretty happy how it came together and to see the kid’s eyes light up when they saw the cupcake tower was priceless. Thanks for reading!!

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  • It’s awesome!Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice!! How did you make your buttercream? can you share recipe? ty

  • Hi Jammi, the buttercream recipe I use can be found at the Wilton’s website http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Buttercream-Icing/

    Hope that helps!

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